Shipping & Payment

Our Prices are based in Israeli Shekels.  We base our prices in Israeli Shekels for the following reasons:

1.  Our suppliers are based in Israel, so it is reasonable that we should base our prices related to our local economy. 
2.  Our prices will be less affected by non Israeli economic factors such as the rise and fall of the dollar for example.
3.  It confirms our vision of being a blessing to our local community by reenforcing the Israeli Shekel rather than foreign currencies.
4.  It confirms our vision to help others connect with Israel by teaching others about the exchange rate.  It causes our customer to stop and consider that they are dealing with an Israeli company and the customer experiences an opportunity to learn something about the Israeli economy.

The fact that our prices are based in Shekels doesn't mean that you need to pay in Shekels.  You can pay in dollars.  Just the presentation of the prices are calculated based on the Shekel.  We also may issue you an invoice in dollars.

In the upper right hand corner of the home page, there is an option to see the prices in US dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.  You click this option and you can choose which option you want to see.  If you click US dollars for example, the whole site switches to dollars so that you can see what the dollar price would be.

If you have more questions about currency, then you can email us at

Please allow 72 hours for processing your order and 3 to 4 weeks shipping time as these items are being shipped from Israel.
Please note that all our packages are now being tracked, as soon as the order is shipped you will receive the tracking number.

1-34 Shekels
25 Shekels
35-99 Shekels
35 Shekels
100-144 Shekels
50 Shekels
145-239 Shekels
60 Shekels
240-349 Shekels
80 Shekels
350-699 Shekels
120 Shekels
700-899 Shekels
140 Shekels

Methods of Payment:

  • PayPal
  • International Money Orders
  • Check



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